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Margaret Kenny

I have been working for Essex Podiatry as a podiatry assistant in the Manningtree and Lawford practices since May 2019.  I work directly under Davids supervision, treating patients and helping in the general everyday running of the clinics.

Everyone asks me why Podiatry? My cousin is a podiatrist, and when we were trying to encourage my niece to do the degree, it sounded so interesting that I decided I might as well have a go. As a qualified teacher with a PhD and over twenty years’ experience, it was a big leap of faith as well as a huge financial challenge. In addition, I was 58 at the time, and some might say that’s not the best age to take on a degree. 

Now I am in the second year of a three-year Podiatry BSC Degree course and really enjoy the class-based learning. However, I think my favourite aspect of podiatry is working with patients which is why I enjoy working for Essex Podiatry.

I don’t have a lot of free time, but when not reading for learning I like to read detective novels and I also like to design and knit Aran jumpers and cardigans.