OnlINE video consultation

How Can Online Video Consultation Help Me?

If you have pain in your heel, ankle or anywhere between your knee and your foot we can help you.

Conditions this is particularly suited to includes;

Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendon pain
Ankle problems
Shin pain
Children's foot disorders

We can also asses your strange looking toenail, decide whether you have a verruca or not and look at that funny lump on your foot!

What can we do on an online Video consultation?

Before the appointment we will take a full medical history and history of your problem.  During the appointment we can look at your feet, ankles, legs and knees, watch you walk and examine your footwear and perform some clinical tests. You can show us the exact point of your pain.  We can then put all this information together to form a diagnosis and come up with a management plan, which you can start right away because you are at home.

As well as advising you of your diagnosis, we can;

Advise on activity modification
Give footwear advice
Prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises which we can email to you
Recommend any products which can be bought online

Clearly we cannot touch your foot and ankle, prescribe fully bespoke foot orthoses or surgically remove an ingrowing toenail!

There may be times where we recommend a follow up face to face in clinic but this will be all explained to you.

Why Video Consultation?

Traditionally, we would have always seen patients face to face to help them with their foot and ankle problem as that was the way it was always done.

Now COVID-19 is here it has made us think of different ways of doing things. The technology exists to be able to deliver online consultations so why not use it?

Benefits to you:

You can have your problem assessed within the comfort of your own home

Appointment times are more flexible as they are not restricted to clinical opening hours

You can be seen quicker than having to wait until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and get started on treating your pain immediately

They are cost effective

How Does IT work?

If you would like to find out how an online consultation can help you, or you would like to book please email us in the first instance at with 'Online Consultation' as the Subject Heading.

Alternatively you can call our friendly receptionists on 01268 350910 who can help you.

Once you have made contact and we decide you would benefit from an online consultation, we will book an agreed date and time with you, send you a payment link, a GDPR form and a medical history questionnaire to be completed before the day of the appointment where possible.